SECO: A Partner for Pioneers

Although SECO has in-depth specialist knowledge in various branches, we are still constantly on the lookout for innovative products and for companies seeking to develop entirely new markets in Japan, Europe and the USA. Or in other words, for pioneers!

We are delighted to help you opening the door and successfully launch your products in those "distant" markets. Our company can look back on a long line of successful product placements on the large markets of the world. Already at the outset of the 20th century SECO was involved in the development of the Japanese photo industry, delivering the first plant for steel production. It also played a part in the huge success of the Japanese shipbuilding industry – pioneering activities of industrial history. They encourage us to go for similar success stories in other countries.

There are no unexplored areas on the world map these days. But with the world's markets permanently in change, there are new challenges and opportunities, whether for small innovations that lead to astonishing successes, or for technological leapfrogging into completely new fields of business.

For pioneers about to embark on such a journey, SECO is a reliable partner! 

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