USA – The World's Leading Economic Power

The USA continues to be the world's largest national economy. The number of inhabitants has long surpassed 300 millions, constituting an enormous purchasing power. The USA is regarded as the largest importer worldwide. Besides mineral oil and electronics, cars, machinery, and spare parts appear on the import list. One of the most important business partners is booming China. Therefore, it is only logical, that SECO strongly expanded its engagement in the US-market during the 1990s.

SECO is represented in the USA with a head office on the East Coast. A network of distributing warehouses facilitates smooth delivery of goods like crane equipments and plant installations. There is another advantage for the United States: Bundling with EU-volumes creates high buying power, which in turn guarantees attractive prices. In addition, our sophisticated logistics helps optimizing cargo expenses. 

SECO in photos

New York, Brooklyn Bridge

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