The European Market as a Challenge

After the extension of the European Union to 27 member states, the European economic region has become the world's largest common market. Trade between member states accounts for two thirds of the total EU-trade. The single European market is functioning so well that economic power and international competitiveness of European companies continue to increase. Thanks to the strong single market and the Euro, the more than 490 million consumers enjoy a high standard of living and corresponding consumer behavior. The Western Balkan region – Turkey in particular – is experiencing a phase of enormous economic growth.

Nevertheless, with its various cultures and about 70 different languages, Europe is also a great challenge for trading. We are specialists with more than 40 years experience of importing plant equipment into Germany and Europe respectively. SECO's logistical system is very effective; its in-house transport department and center of distribution provide for excellent quality and punctual delivery to the customer.

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European Union

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