Hamburg and Japan – Far East Trading

More than 140 years ago, our founding fathers Julius Simon and August Evers embarked on the journey to Nippon – and still today, trading with our Japanese partners constitutes a major part of our business activities. This is not an expression of sentimentality or inflexibility: Japan is still an extremely interesting market with strong purchasing power and huge demand – the components required for attractive business dealings.

However, there are other strongly expanding economies in the region. Over the past few years, SECO has been busy establishing trading relationships all over Asia, in particular with the following countries:

China: The country is currently experiencing a tremendous boom period and has become the world's second largest economy. As a manufacturer of low-priced, but high-quality products, China is of increasing importance. SECO now has the capacity to concentrate products from various factories – plant equipment, for example – at its own storage facilities and deliver them to Europe, Japan, or the USA. Quality management is taken care of by our local Chinese employees.

Thailand/Taiwan: In these countries, SECO also buys products that, thanks to their low unit cost, are competitive on the European and American markets.

The Philippines: SECO supplies the Southeast Asian island nation with automobile spare parts and workshop equipment.

Malaysia: Office furniture and transport equipment are among the products SECO purchases from this newly industrialized country.

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