Knowledge of the Market: In Close Partnership

Japan is a demanding market. Educational standards are high, innovative capabilities enormous. Nevertheless, SECO has repeatedly proven its ability to export products to Japan, that further advance the country's technical progress and enhance the productivity of its industry. We were the ones who delivered the first production plant for the steel and shipbuilding industries, electroplating and chemicals for the semiconductor industry, or equipment for biotechnology plants. With equal ambition we started opening other Asian markets during the 1980s and 90s. After the turn of the millennium, we focused on entering the growing Chinese market and have been represented there right from the start. Successfully, because today we import high-quality consumer goods from China into Europe and the USA – all of them highly diverse and challenging markets.


Over the many years that they have worked for SECO, our employees have developed a keen sense of customers' needs. This quality has become an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Our core competence lies not only in dealing with medium-sized companies, however, but also with leading major enterprises. Our employees – in Hamburg as well as in our foreign subsidiaries – are permanently in contact with them, and they approach us with their requests. And if we want to market a new product, know our potential distribution partners and approach them directly. We know whom to contact.

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