Logistics: Delivery Guaranteed

For a trading company, the safe and fast flow of goods is a central assignment – one that has greatly changed over the past few decades. SECO was the first German business enterprise to ship export goods to the Far East by container. Urgent deliveries were sent by chartered jumbo jets from Hamburg to Tokyo early on. Even today, optimization of delivery times at the lowest possible cost is one of the daily challenges we face. And, of course, modern data processing technology is one of the tools we use to trace the progress of our goods and to pinpoint their precise whereabouts in the chain of logistics.

However, punctual – or even early – delivery alone is not enough to satisfy our customers. Only if the delivered goods are in perfect condition on arrival, business will be successful. For SECO, this means a lot of work checking that special requirements – whether for cooling or storage conditions, or to ensure that sensitive packaging may not be dented in transit – are met at every station along the way. Here we have to be meticulous and personally inspect conditions on site, if necessary.

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