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A Look Back on a Varied History


Tiny Dejima Island, Nagasaki Port about 1860

»Our export activities began with wire nails, chemicals, paints and pharmaceuticals«, remembered Hans K. Meissner, former partner, CEO and chairman of the SECO-LEYBOLD Group, that he represented as an outstanding leading figure and example until his death. »In return the sailing vessels took textiles, rice and gold back to Germany.« Nowadays it is biotechnological plants instead of wire nails. Where there once was a mysterious island empire embedded in an ancient culture, we now perceive one of the leading industrial nations. The development that Japan – and trading with Japan – has passed through is breathtaking.

SECO was always part of this development. We have experienced the overwhelming success of this nation and its economy, and we have shared its bitterest hours: two wars and two devastating natural catastrophes.

Trading with Japan has left its mark on us and made us internalize some important business virtues: Quality management, precision, flexibility and vision are among them. Remaining true to these standards in the development of new markets as well has led to successful trade relations with China, the USA and Europe.

The following pages contain information on the company history of SECO:

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