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About us

SECO International Inc. - North America was founded by their mother company Simon, Evers & Co. GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. The founding fathers from our mother company, the Hamburg businessmen Julius Simon and August Evers, were committed - right from the start - to the business principle of satisfying high customer expectations at any time.

The world market is in a constant state of change, with globalization acting as a strong accelerating factor. This is why reliability is one of the most important virtues of the SECO group in their global trading business. This is our highest principle. Our customers are extremely demanding and attach great value to a trustworthy cooperation. Punctual delivery of faultless goods of a quality we have confirmed ourselves, is therefore the basic prerequisite for lasting business success. This is what we have learned from our relations with Japan and are able to transfer to other markets now.

The additional benefit of a trading group like SECO is based on knowledge and proximity: We know every detail about our markets and products. We are familiar with the mentality of people in the respective areas, with customs and cultural characteristics. Our local representation is helpful for developing valuable networks. For example, good relations with transport and shipping agents or customs can facilitate trading enormously. Close contact with customers and suppliers is also the perfect basis for mutual trust, and allows us to act as moderator or mediator in difficult situations if required. Moreover, this type of close contact is the best early warning system: In case of changes beginning to emerge for customers or general conditions, we can react quickly and directly.


Flexibility: Side by side with our partners, we adapt to a changing economic framework, searching for new ways, open to                             unconventional options.

Global view: Those who see first can plan ahead. Our local employees are in regular contact with our partners - noticing                                  trends, discovering niches and identifying market changes, with their inherent opportunities for innovative response.

Speed: "Consider it done – by yesterday": This is our motto.

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