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Business Principles

Quality, Cost, Delivery

Quality, Cost, Delivery - These are our key guide lines in our group. Providing high quality based on high cost is easy to achieve. However, key to the success of our business is to find the right balance between quality, cost and also delivery in accordance to customer demand.

Quality - We carefully vet all our suppliers to be sure the quality of the products we supply meet your expectations. Our long term relationships with many of the factories give us confidence in our suppliers, and they fully understand our expectations of their products. Before we start any supply to our customers from a new vendor, we will undergo a detailed factory audit to make sure that the products will be produced and shipped based on standards required for our final destinations. This enables us to stand proudly behind all of our products.

Cost - SECO strives to get you the best pricing possible, using all the tools at our disposal. We work diligently to achieve your target pricing, so that you can be competitive in your market. In order to reach and keep a good balance on the cost side, we are committed to focus and streamline our product portfolio. In combination with our buying power, we can provide competitive prices to our customers. On top of this strength, we have developed a very sophisticated logistic concept and solution, for the purpose of reducing the freight cost ratio for each single products. Meanwhile the logistic cost has a high impact to the total cost so that it was important to provide our customers a door to door solution based on our know how gained in the last decades.  

Delivery - You get what you ordered, when you expect it. We understand that product availability is an important consideration for your customers. We provide you realistic delivery times, and communicate with you continuously throughout the process - from the order placement to the product arrival at your door.