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SECO International Inc. - North America is proud to be a subsidiary belonging to the SECO group with its mother company Simon, Evers & Co. GmbH.

In 1873, Simon, Evers & Co. GmbH started their trading activities with wire nails, chemicals, paints and pharmaceuticals to Japan and South East Asia. Nowadays we provide not only industrial machines, coating lines and other unique solutions for surface treatments but also individual business development solutions based on our experience and network we have gained.

SECO was always taking part at the development in the breathtaking area of Japan. We have shared in the overwhelming success of this nation and its economy, and we have shared its bitterest hours: two wars and three devastating natural catastrophes.

Trading with Japan has made its mark on SECO, leading us to internalize some important business virtues: Quality management, precision, flexibility and vision among others. Remaining true to these standards in the development of new markets as well has led to successful trade relations with China, the USA and Europe.

SECO also took an early interest in other areas of future technology, such as semiconductor industry, imaging industry and others as a strong partner for the global players. Especially the imaging industry played an important role and can be seen as the starting point of our business activities in the United States. With processes for chemical and electrochemical surface refinement, as well as with chemicals and products for use in the manufacture of chips, printed circuitry and electronic components, we are always at least up to date, if not one step ahead - as it prefers to be. For years now various branches of industry have made use of SECO's know-how for purchasing the most modern chemical deburring and polishing procedures. And another future-oriented branch in which SECO has earned itself an excellent reputation is that of biotechnology.

During the 1970s, SECO's attention increasingly focused on Europe. More and more countries joined the growing European Community. Then, the Berlin Wall fell, the European Union was born and the single European market was taking a clear shape. The aspiring Eastern States in particular requested machinery and consumer goods. For SECO this development meant rapidly increasing imports of, for example, material handling equipment. In the years before, most of these import goods had been mainly "Made in Japan", now they came from all Asiatic regions.

In the beginning of the 1990s along side our partner and main customer in Germany we started mutually servicing the North American market. Based on this alliance, Imports to the USA became more important to SECO, which finally lead to the foundtion of SECO International Inc. - Noth America.

Around the turn of the millennium, SECO paid increasingly attention to one of the biggest global players: China. In no time, the Middle Kingdom transformed itself from cheap producer to high-tech country. Products for electronics or automobile industry "Made in China" soon became a serious competition for established producers. Local representation helped SECO to master the sometimes difficult political situation as well as overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers. Chinese employees take care of the qualification of factories and control the quality of products before sending them off on the long journey to the West.

In order to supply the world's largest economy with first-class products, SECO decided in 2008 to set up a subsidiary on the East Coast. By combination of our buying power out of the US and EU demand, we can nowadays satisfy the very price-sensitive American market. By this approach we could offer attractive conditions to our customers. Sophisticated logistics were helpful as well. By now, SECO also has large centers of distribution in the USA.

Japan - Tokyo
Germany - Hamburg
China - Shanghai
USA - Miami