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Statement from the President

Akira Mueller-Mark

President - Akira Mueller-Mark

SECO International Inc. - North America


Simon, Evers & Co. GmbH is proud of its strong history and traditions dating back to 1873. As a group member, SECO International Inc. - North America follows these traditions in its pursuit of growth in the  United States, focusing on the innovative business, especially in niche markets.

Our goal is to keep our promises to our customers and to the society by building a strong SECO International branch in the United States. We will strengthen SECO International Inc. - North America by adopting business models based on facilitating collaboration among information, close communication at earlier stages of product and project development with our alliance partners in the market. We will enhance the businesses in which we are already market leaders and leverage areas in which we have leading competencies and innovative, cutting edge technologies. I believe a company's corporate foundation  is only solid if it is able to make decisions quickly and enact integrated, effective measures unanimously. It must also be able to execute accurate, speedy responses to environmental changes by innovating its business processes. And it must also realize sustainable growth as market conditions continue to be harsh and challenging. Despite this, we achieved to shorten production lead times and reduced costs-achievements that enabled the company to respond quickly to market changes and seize better business opportunities.

The transformation to become a true market leader in our business field is inevitable and will accelerate SECO International's future growth. Looking for global resources while also having the ability to meet local needs in each country or region in the market is of the utmost importance. For the future, I believe that retaining more resources for engineering in each region and maximizing the performance of all employees in our group are vital components necessary to lead SECO International Inc. - North America into the future and helps to transform us into a recognized company in our market. As business and the global economy changes, we will strive to adapt to the changing environment and live up to this commitment.