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Alliance Partners

We have established a network of Alliance Partners (APs) in North American for our Material Handling Equipment business. These strategic partners work intimately with us to develop and grow our MHE business and cover a significant market currently being overlooked by the major MHE dealers in the US.

While we also are committed to serving the larger, major MHE dealers in the US, we realized the opportunity to penetrate a new market segment and with our APs, we have a strong network of dealers covering the US. So far we have set up 4 Alliance Partners covering most of the East Coast, Texas and Midwest. We continue to strengthen our business with our APs and will steadily grow our network to cover the rest of the US and Canada. We are committed to this business and enjoy the strong partnerships we've formed.

Our APs offer SECO's high quality MHE products to their customers within a 1 day delivery radius. By offering mixed containers of MHE products, we are able to provide reasonable quantities to meet the price expectation and demand of our APs. We are able to do this because of our strong relationships with logistics partners and manufacturers.  


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